LARS eNEWS are brief public health reports that cover interesting topics currently in our portfolio or soon to be explored as part of our client services. The quarterly newsletter is free and can be downloaded from the PDF button below. Each issue of eNEWS explores a different health behavior topic showcasing the current literature, empirical findings from randomized trials, and unique features of using web-based behavioral or therapeutic interventions (Internet interventions). This work is consistent with the corporate focus of LARS on behavioral science technology transfer.

LARS eNews Issue #1 2016. Introduction to LARS. [Download]
LARS eNews Issue #2 2017. E-cigarettes: Their use and health implications. [Download]
LARS eNews Issue #3 2017. Smartphone applications for obesity prevention. [Download]
LARS eNews Issue #4 2017. Web-based interventions for treating youth with asthma: Is efficacy on the horizon? [Download]
LARS eNews Issue #5 2017. Sickle cell disease: The intersection of culture, medicine, and technology and eHealth perspectives. [Download]
LARS eNews Issue #2 2018. Aging and frailty: Just a wrinkle in time. [Download]
LARS eNews Issue #3 2018. Program sustainability: Is this a valuable concept? [Download]